Dear fans, you are once again curious or excited which outfit your lady wears this weekend!
Is it lacquer, leather or possibly latex. I have opted for a very tight latex dress.
I know your pulse rate is at 180 now, that's why the dress is blue, because the color blue is a calming color and I don't want you to feel bad. 
Of course I have to tell you a few words about my shooting, because it was so funny that it almost can't be true. 
We started the shoot, my photographer and I, in not bad weather. When we were in the middle of the shoot, it started to rain so hard that we had to sit in the car for almost an hour, otherwise the shoot literally would have fallen into the water. After the forced break we went on again.
Now you see how elaborate such a shooting can be, finally I want to show you no 0815 photos, but an update with all sexy poses.
I hope you appreciate this and look diligently at my photos. 
Enjoy my new update and have fun with it. 
Your Lady Vanessa