Dressed in Jerome Gilbert's radiant white latex dress, I was the center of attention at the TORTURE SHIP. Numerous fans and admirers had inquired whether the charismatic Lady Vanessa would be attending this spectacular event this year, if they would have the opportunity to meet me personally. The decision was a yes. I wanted to give my fans the opportunity to experience their enchanting Lady Vanessa in person. Thus, I made my way to Lake Constance, where this wonderful spectacle took place. Some of you gathered there to meet me and celebrate with me. The day was filled with inspiring encounters and fascinating conversations. Some were so captivated by my presence that they hardly wanted to let me go and even wanted to book spontaneous fetish sessions. It was truly uplifting to meet so many fans and friends and take group photos. You will be able to see for yourself how much I enjoyed the bath in the crowd. For this reason, I do not want to withhold this special photo gallery from you. The day on the TORTURE SHIP was truly wonderful. It was a joy to see old acquaintances again and make new friendships at the same time. All of this remains in my memory, like a radiant latex dress in the sun.
Kisses and until next time,
Yours Lady Vanessa