My first thought after waking up on this beautiful morning was, what am I going to wear today.
I felt that today is a special day and I should wear something very attractive and fetish.
I spontaneously thought of the last gifts from my fans.
The new dress and the new overknees immediately caught my eye.
Yes, I put it on and went to the city to take some photos for you and then to eat a bite. That will be a great day.
As planned, I have made it, only without knowing that so many tourists are in Munich.
Oops, I'm once again the more beautiful attraction of all the sights in Munich.
I felt like I was on the red carpet.
Where I have made my photos, was always a small flashlight storm or the cell phones ran warm,
because everyone wanted to capture this moment.
But enough babbling, look at the gallery and you will be thrilled what hot poses I have put on the day.