A sunny morning in Munich ☀️
It's wonderful weather and I have the perfect dress for it. I slip into my sexy patent dress, style myself and head out to the city. I love it when the sun's rays warm up my body. What do you think when you look at this update. Do you feel this warmth too? Do hot thoughts come up inside you? Sit back and enjoy.
Your Lady Vanessa 💋

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Hello my dears
This week you will see a latex dress from fetish-fantasisies, designed for me by my friend Jerome Gilbert. In this dress I show you a mix of super sexy and stylish elegance.
The transparent top, the inconspicuous wide swinging black skirt and my Giaro heels to go with it.
Perfectly styled I made my way to the city 💃🏼.
I tried with my appearance to upgrade the Munich city center something, because there are currently so many construction sites here 🙈. Check out this hot gallery on my website.
Wish you a lot of fun and a wonderful weekend 💋💋
Your Lady Vanessa

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Dear fans, you are once again curious or excited which outfit your lady wears this weekend!
Is it lacquer, leather or possibly latex. I have opted for a very tight latex dress.
I know your pulse rate is at 180 now, that's why the dress is blue, because the color blue is a calming color and I don't want you to feel bad. 
Of course I have to tell you a few words about my shooting, because it was so funny that it almost can't be true. 
We started the shoot, my photographer and I, in not bad weather. When we were in the middle of the shoot, it started to rain so hard that we had to sit in the car for almost an hour, otherwise the shoot literally would have fallen into the water. After the forced break we went on again.
Now you see how elaborate such a shooting can be, finally I want to show you no 0815 photos, but an update with all sexy poses.
I hope you appreciate this and look diligently at my photos. 
Enjoy my new update and have fun with it. 
Your Lady Vanessa

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Tradition meets Passion
In my hometown of Bavaria, there's currently a beer tent on every corner, and it's traditional to dress up in fancy traditional attire. So, I looked for my black dirndl blouse and paired it with a leather dress ...
The combo looked pretty decent, but it lacked some zing...
The final result was a bit crazy, but I thought it was fabulous. The bright neon heels and my neon yellow lingerie made the outfit sexy and thrilling, just like I am 😜.
Kisses 💋
Lady Vanessa 💋

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Dressed in Jerome Gilbert's radiant white latex dress, I was the center of attention at the TORTURE SHIP. Numerous fans and admirers had inquired whether the charismatic Lady Vanessa would be attending this spectacular event this year, if they would have the opportunity to meet me personally. The decision was a yes. I wanted to give my fans the opportunity to experience their enchanting Lady Vanessa in person. Thus, I made my way to Lake Constance, where this wonderful spectacle took place. Some of you gathered there to meet me and celebrate with me. The day was filled with inspiring encounters and fascinating conversations. Some were so captivated by my presence that they hardly wanted to let me go and even wanted to book spontaneous fetish sessions. It was truly uplifting to meet so many fans and friends and take group photos. You will be able to see for yourself how much I enjoyed the bath in the crowd. For this reason, I do not want to withhold this special photo gallery from you. The day on the TORTURE SHIP was truly wonderful. It was a joy to see old acquaintances again and make new friendships at the same time. All of this remains in my memory, like a radiant latex dress in the sun.
Kisses and until next time,
Yours Lady Vanessa

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This week you see an outfit that is not off the rack. It was made especially for me.
My loyal and long-time fan Danny has designed it and in the Fetisch Atelier his wishes were realized.
He knows my style and knows that I set his outfit skillfully in scene.
It was a pleasure to pose in Maximilianstraße.
Thank you Danny 💋
I wish you a lot of fun with it 😜
Bussi 💋
Lady Vanessa

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In my business, an elegant and confident appearance is of great importance. I therefore chose a daring yet stylish combination: a satin blouse with a patent skirt, plus I wore a long patent coat and very high heels.
When my driver let me off in front of a renowned coffee house in Munich, where numerous people were enjoying the excellent coffee, I immediately attracted attention. People's eyes were full of curiosity as they wondered: Who is this extraordinary lady?
Of course, as a woman of my stature, I love to receive so much attention, much like I am in the spotlight here with you. Let your imagination run wild and dream yourself into this scenario while looking at my new gallery.
Wish you a sunny weekend with your Lady Vanessa

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The photo gallery

<gallery 845>
If you think I only wear black outfits anymore, then you're wrong. A red leather suit will stand out more in public, especially if it's sexy and classy. You know, I love this attention and enjoy every minute. If you want to enjoy my femininity, then check out my new update and get excited by my pictures.
I wish you a lot of fun with it 😜

Kisses 💋
Lady Vanessa

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