🖤 Leather love 🖤
My outfit for this week:
Mega Overknees 
Tight leather look
Laced waist 
Do you like my look?
Have fun and a nice weekend 😘
Lady Vanessa 💋

<gallery 863>
Are you excited to see what I'm presenting to you this week?
You love black leather, tight and sexy... and you long for mega mega overknees?
Check out my new update and you won't regret it.
Enjoy it or fall on your knees.
Have a nice weekend 
Lady Vanessa 💋

<gallery 862>
Do you also feel this desire for hot latex, the material, the shine, the dominance?
I don't want to give too much information but take a look at my new gallery
to see how I stylishly combined a latex body from Fetish Fantaisies.
Have a glamorous weekend 😘
Lady Vanessa 💋

<gallery 861>
Oh no 🤦🏼‍♀️,... now I've forgotten... my Dresden update from fall '23.
I definitely want to show it to you, because the pictures turned out so great 🥰.
In this historic city, I am of course stylishly dressed in leather.
I'm sure you'll love it 😊.
Hopefully it will get warmer soon and I can go to Dresden again 😊.
Bussi 💋
Lady Vanessa

<gallery 860>
If you're a lover of tight black leather... then check out my latest update.
The frosty temperatures couldn't stop me from taking a few outdoor shots.
This is what a black leather outfit looks like on me:
Banging skirt with jacket, dominant long coat and extravagant boots on top.
What do you think? Does it appeal to you?
Looking forward to your thoughts.
Bussi 💋
Lady Vanessa

<gallery 859>
Glamorous and dangerous
What do you think? How does a fetish lady like me celebrate Christmas 🎄?
Well, I love it glamorous ✨✨,
... but when I drop the covers, it gets dangerous.
Unwrapping presents is so much more fun in a latex outfit 🤩.
I hope you sent me one too,
otherwise you'll feel my rod.
I wish you a Merry Christmas 🎄
and a peaceful holiday ✨
Your Lady Vanessa 💋💋💋💋

<gallery 858>
Hello lovelies, today's picture gallery was taken a few weeks ago in warmer temperatures☀️.
As you all know, I love to dress exciting and sexy, and that wouldn't work that way at this time of year.
I'm convinced that my vinyl outfit, the mini skirt and my long legs will really make you melt in this weather. My outfit was so skimpy that there was a real honking concert on Bienner Straße and the passers-by really all turned around to look at me. Of course, I really enjoyed the photo shoot here, because your lady was once again the center of attention.
It's a pity that none of you were there to enjoy breakfast with me at Gafe Luitpold.
Wish you a nice 2nd Advent weekend and relax with my new update 😘.
Busi 💋
Lady Vanessa

<gallery 857>
Hi my dears,
I'm certainly not wearing an outfit for the Christmas market in my new update, but you'll be warm even without mulled wine.
I'm bringing some color into your grey everyday life with a pink bodysuit.
It emphasizes my femininity and sexy curves and you will only have 

Have a nice weekend 😘
Your Lady Vanessa 💋

<gallery 856>
🔥Venus 2023🔥Berlin 🔥
You shouldn't miss this erotic spectacle.
That's why I went to Berlin to be there.
I have to say, it was mega 🤩
I arrived at the exhibition center and I already caused a stir.
I wanted to stand out and chose this outfit...
shiny, erotic and dominant,...
and I succeeded, the cell phones and cameras were pointed at me 📸📸
Thank you so much for this wonderful day with you,
my fans and those who have now become fans 😘😘
Bussi Lady Vanessa 💋

<gallery 855>

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