There's always something going on in Munich, even in times of COVID-19, especially when I'm out in a latex outfit.
Many of you wrote me that they would love to see me in fur with overknees. I thought this idea was so hot and created a sexy look that I'm sure you guys will love.
My style for today's update is latex, fur, nylons and mega high overknees and of course not secretly in my four walls, but at Königsplatz in Munich. I am just a lady with style who loves to dress hot and provocative. Because the weather was not the best, others also used this place for a shooting. I can tell you that I was the only one who was dressed hot and stylish, as it should be for a diva.
If I have animated you now with the preview picture, then have a look at the whole gallery. There are another 90 pictures in this gallery that will fascinate you.