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Germany's Fetish Lady Vanessa Bio

Fetish Vanessa - Lady Vanessa Bio - Fetish Diva | Queen of Latex | Leather | PVC | Boots | High Heels


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my irresistible fetish homepage.

My name is Vanessa. I live in beautiful Bavaria, near Munich.

I was introduced to the fetish world by my boyfriend about 26 years ago. I was immediately taken to it, and have since made it an important part of my life, both private and in public.

My fetish is to wear Leather, PVC, Latex and stiletto heels to parties, in public, and in my private life.

Fetish Lady Vanessa Gallery 0361 PreviewFetish Lady Vanessa Gallery 0372 Preview

Because I love being photographed in my outrageously sexy fetish outfits, I have a huge number of diverse and exciting galleries of me savoring the feel of my tight shiny outfits on my body and against my skin, and loving the respect that I get from men when I wear them. You can enjoy these galleries too, along with short videos.

Fetish Lady Vanessa Gallery 0180 Preview

With my fetish website, I would like to share with you a little of my fetish life, and hope that you enjoy the many beautiful photographs of me in my fetish world.

Wishing you as much fun as I'm having.

Best wishes,

Lady Vanessa